Tahoe Sites and Sights

Tahoe Sites and Sights

April 16, 2016. An oddity: Before holding an open house in Tahoe City last weekend I took a walk around the premises to check out the fast-flowing creek behind the home, and came upon this huge 10' tall boulder with this inscription on it. It was a bit curious, unusual, interesting, and spooky all at the same time. Someone took some time and had this inscribed there. My question now is, Who is Bob Cook? Or who was Bob Cook? 


April 18, 2016.  Saw this coyote today while at a home inspection with home inspectors Jim and Debbie Webster, Jim took the picture. This was near Tahoe City, he (she?) was actually quite small, 2' tall at the most, looked to be a young one. We saw him about 75' away from the house we were at, looks like he's looking for lunch. He was really a beautiful animal. Another example of the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Sept 27, 2015

A beautiful Tahoe sunset, taken from our back deck. Ya had to be here!

August 30, 2015:

Some pix I took at top of Donner Summit off the old Hwy 40 (now called Donner Pass Rd). Think that tree has been blasted by the wind a bit? Also a USGS Survey Monument marker dated 1947. One of the oldest ones I have seen. If you feel adventurous take a side-trip to the Donner Summit area, lots of history and interesting things to see there. Check the Donner Summit Historical Society road-side signs noting significant events and places. These signs are all along old Hwy 40 from Truckee all the way down past Nyack.


July 31, 2015

A great view from a easy hike to Picnic Rock, just off Hwy 267 on Brockway Summit. Take Tahoe Rim Trail north off the highway, (where all the cars are always parked) and hike approx 2 miles of easy/moderate hike to the summit. Easy enough for kids and a great reward at the top. Plan on 2 hours round-trip. Bring water and snacks, and be aware of the weather, we've been having lots of thunderstorms this summer. And while there, hunt for the Geocache!



June/July 2015:

A  rock in Lake Tahoe located just upstream from the outlet at the dam in Tahoe City. Interesting thing is that usually this rock is under water, and also that it has a U.S. Geological Survey brass marker cemented on top of it, it's been there forever. I was able to walk out to this rock a bit ago. I tried going out there a few months ago and couldn't make it due to the water and fact I was wearing "real estate" shoes, not something sturdier. But now it's a interesting little side-trip for someone into such things. Don't just stand on Fanny Bridge and look at the low water, take a walk upstream of the dam and check this out. And oh, the view of Tahoe and the mountains is awesome from there.

July, 2015: Lots or thunderstorms and lightning in Tahoe in July, but one benefit was this stunning rainbow over Martis Valley last week. Tahoe is a magical place for sure...

October 19, 2014

Our dogs and I found this stick-maze in the forest near North Tahoe Regional Park today. I tried to get them to "stay" for the picture but they don't do "stay" very well.....and nearby is something I have never seen anywhere else in Lake Tahoe, an old junked car in the woods. From all the pine needles inside and the graffiti on it it looks like it's been there a long time. What I wonder is, how did it get there and why hasn't the park personnel removed it, and what kind of car is that anyway?


Sept 25, 2014

A windy day here at Tahoe, boats were being yanked off their buoys and running aground, and I saw one boat had sunk. These were shot at Tahoe Vista boat ramp. Click the links to see the floundering boats and surfers (Yes! Surfers!)

http://youtu.be/ke6KexxhnfM        http://youtu.be/MNYHQ7T4Wus

August 28, '14

Took these pix of the outlet of Lake Tahoe at the Tahoe City Dam today, showing the lake water trickling into the Truckee River. It won't be long before the level drops about 6" more and the water stops trickling through completely. That hasn't happened in many years, 2001 or so I think. The water below the dam is calm and flat, all the dam gates are open allowing the water to free-flow into the Truckee River, and allowing the fish that are usually schooled below the dam to swim right into the lake.  Normally the water below the dam is roiling and turbulent. 


August 23, 2014:

Had encounters with these two bruins within two days of each other. The little guy was in a tree just off the edge of the Brockway Golf Course. He had attracted a crowd of lookers, all standing in the street looking up. If you see people doing that in Tahoe it's a sure sign of a bear.

The other guy was in our back yard. The picture is kinda dark, he was in the shade. He was lounging back there by the creek, doing nothing, then wandered away through the bushes, but one of our dogs (Jack) was going crazy. The other dog (Maizie) was a chicken and ran and hid on our bed. Some watchdog she is! Life in Tahoe isn't complete without a bear or two every year.

 Here is one of my pooches, Jack is his name, being cool at the Dollar Reservoir dam, just north of the Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Area. Great place to walk the doogies, he met lots of furry friends here, and I met some nice folks too.

Went mountain biking a bit ago during one of the recent thunderstorms, the weather was awesome, and it made the ride that much better. Cool, crisp air, rumbling thunder, a few raindrops but not too many, just a great day. I went to this little dam at a place called Antone Meadows just north of Tahoe City in Burton Creek State Park. I have read that this dam was built in the 1920's to supply water to irrigate the Tahoe City Golf Course way back then. There are still ditches running through the golf course that look like they could have been used for just that purpose.
There are lots of trails here, single-track and dirt roads make for just enough challenge no matter what your skill level. This area is accessed from several locations: parking lot of North Tahoe High School, a small paved road off Hwy 28 near Tamarack Lodge, or from the Dollar Hill/Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Area parking lot (a longer ride from there)

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